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Strategy & Systems

Trainings to support you to create more time, space and growth in your business. New trainings are coming soon, including systems, outsourcing & more!

The Marketing Content Goldmine


The Marketing Content Goldmine is your strategic and organizational tool to leverage your marketing, create campaigns quickly, and save hours every week.

You’ll get:
Simplified, powerful marketing strategy, built around *you*.
Training & Template; set up in an afternoon
✨ Your Goldmine for all your marketing content: create, deliver, review, reuse & refine
Ideas Harvest – Never wonder what to talk about again
Automated emails to delegate to your VA in one click

Set it up in an afternoon and you’ll have a go-to resource to use for years!

The CEO Strategic Planning Course


Looking for direction and clarity without the forced feel of traditional goal-setting? Look no further! 🌟

Follow this walk-through process to plan your Creative, Energized, Organized Quarter—the new CEO style.

You’ll get:
✨ A clear 3-month plan using our Quarterly Planning process
✨ Goal-setting reimagined – Learn what works for *you*
✨ Untangle Confirmation Bias to spot new opportunities
✨ Priority Review – tailored to your business stage
✨ “All of you” Planning – Balance commitments & capacity
✨ Easy weekly planning & review
✨ BONUS: The Strategic Planner Workbook 📖

In less than 2 hours, get clarity & direction – without the hustle.

Follow-up Superstar CRM


Never miss a follow-up, summit deadline, or accidentally drop a conversation again! 🌟

Make it easy to follow-up with clients, podcasts, summits and bundles, with automated reminders to your inbox.

For $9, you’ll get:
  Clarity on your follow-up process
  Walk-through videos to set up your Follow-Up System
  AirTable template (you can use the free version of Airtable)
  Learn to set up automated email reminders

In less than 2 hours, you’ll be set up & running. No more missed deadlines, opportunities that slip through the net, or ‘What did I say I’d do again?!’ 🙈

Profit & Priority Planner


Where you put your energy, time and focus has a huge impact.

🚀 Fast-Track Financial Clarity
Ditch the guesswork. Identify your money-making offers instantly.

🎯 Tailored Targets
Plot out your ideal income, not arbitrary ‘6 figure+’ goals.

⚖ Effort vs. Earnings
Quickly gauge the energy each offer needs & decide if it’s truly worth it.

🔥 Growth, the Right Way
Spotlight products & offers that lift you up, without weighing you down.

Create more Breathing Space in Your Business


Feeling stuck in the daily grind of your business? You’re not alone.

Get my free training to address 2 key challenges to growth:

➡️ Feeling overwhelmed with all you need to do each day

➡️ Procrastinating on those (genuinely useful) growth strategies that you keep putting off

In this short session, I’ll help you find the balance between running your business and growing it. Get 5 practical ways to create breathing space – for your business and for you.

One-to-One Strategy & Coaching

Profit & priority planner - image of training on screens

Frustration to Flourish

$2,995 | 3 Month Deep Dive Strategy & Coaching

Join my 3 month one-to-one program, Frustration to Flourish, and transform your business over 3 months.

Subscription Box Training

For the past 3 years, I’ve run the Subscription Box Academy program (alongside running my own multi-six figure subscription box business). You’ll find my key subscription box trainings below.

Should You Start a Subscription Box?


Join me for an honest review of whether launching a subscription box is right for you.

I won’t just say ‘yes’ – I’ll share the true good, bad, and challenging aspects behind the scenes, so you can make an empowered, informed choice.

In less than 20 minutes, we’ll cover:

📦 What makes a popular subscription box
📦 Alternative subscription box options
📦 The pros and challenges of running a subscription box
📦 The crucial question to ask yourself before starting

Let’s give you the insights you need to make a clear decision!

The 8 Key Elements to create a $100,000+ Subscription Box


Let’s go behind the scenes on Subscription Boxes. I’ll be sharing in detail:

✅ What a $100,000 subscription box business looks like – both the subscriber numbers needed, and the logistics.

✅ The 8 Key Elements to create a successful subscription box business – we’ll dive into specific detail on these.

✅ PLUS – the one key shift in thinking that may totally change how you consider your growth strategy.

🔥 You’ll also get my limited time bonus to save $300 on Subscription Box Academy! 🎉

This masterclass full of succinct, actionable content – and you can watch it right now.

The Subscription Box Christmas Runway


Make the most of the run up to Christmas, so your subscription box has an amazing Festive Season.

(Without you being totally burned out to get there!)

📦  The seasonality of sales & forecasting the future
📦  Making the most of gifting
📦  Your marketing runway
📦  How not to fall off the end-of-year cliff
📦  Retaining your festive subscribers

Subscription Box Academy 


The program to create a successful, thriving subscription box business that delights your customers, runs like clockwork and gives you more freedom.

The full A-Z, covering
📦  Creating or refining your subscription box
📦  Subscription box websites that convert
📦  Nurturing & your subscriber journey
📦  Attracting new subscribers

Thanks to Elizabeth Goddard for introducing me to the idea of an ‘Everything’ page!

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