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Follow-up Superstar CRM

Never miss a follow-up, summit deadline, or accidentally drop a conversation again!

Make it easy to follow-up with clients, affiliates, podcasts, summits and bundles, with automated reminders to your inbox. 


Get instant access to


Training & Template

Step-by-step bite-size videos (approx 45 minutes all in), PLUS free Airtable template of the Follow-up Database.


Set up in less than 2hrs

An afternoon project, easy to set up with clear ‘over-the-shoulder’ training to create your database system in less than 2 hours

Auto Email Reminders

This is where the magic lies – you’ll quickly create automated emails, reminding you who to follow-up with and when.

In less than 2 hours, you’ll be set up & running. No more missed deadlines, opportunities that slip through the net, or ‘What did I say I’d do again?!’ 🙈

Follow-up Superstar CRM shown on computer screens

Follow-up Superstar CRM

training & template

Never miss a follow-up, summit deadline or accidentally drop a conversation again.

Get instant access to

Get clarity on your follow-up process for every situation - clients, opportunities and more.

Your AirTable template for the Follow-Up System.

You can use this with the FREE version of Airtable (or copy the elements to your preferred database system).

Beginners video training on how Airtable works, if you've never used it before.

Over-my-shoulder walk-through videos to set up your Follow-Up system.

Walk-through training to set up your automated email reminders.

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Add The Follow-up Emails Swipe File

You have the follow-up process. Now, what are you going to say? ✅ 8 page guide & swipe file ✅ Follow up after clarity calls in a kind, genuine way (no sleazy marketing!) ✅ Get my exact wording – that doesn’t involve manipulative, pushy sales techniques.

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When you’re doing all-the-things for your business, it can be easy for weeks to slip by.

Follow-up Superstar CRM is a super-succinct training that will;

✨ Give you clarity on your follow-up process

✨ Create a simple-to-use system to track opportunities and conversations

✨ And the best bit? Send automated emails to your inbox to remind you what to do.

No more setting up a system, then forgetting it exists!

(and at $9, you’ll easily make your money back with the first additional sale you make, because you had this system in place. 😉)

Follow-up Superstar CRM shown on computer screens

Ready to be a Follow-up Superstar?

Join me for this training and easily keep in touch with all your clients, collaborators & opportunities

Follow-up Superstar CRM is perfect for you if you’re nodding to any of these:

💡 You want to have an easy way to keep track of all the podcasts, summits and bundles you’ve applied for / are doing.

💡 You want to follow-up on clarity calls and reach outs – or someone says they’re keen to work with you, but need another [x] months: you can gently follow up then, and pick up the conversation where you left off.

💡 When you want to keep in touch with past clients.

💡 Or any other situation where you want to reach out to someone (or get your ducks in a row for them) at the right time.

💡 You want to keep all the key information about that connection / opportunity / deliverables in one place.

💡 AND – You want reminders to do the reach outs – having a database sat there with dates in (that you never look at) just doesn’t work.

On the other hand, you’ll want to skip this if…

💡 You already have system that’s doing all that for you, that you find easy to actively use.

💡 Your don’t have sales calls, use cross-promotion to find new audiences (e.g., PR, summits, bundles, podcasts), or see a need for a system to help you keep in touch with people.

Frequently asked questions

What's a CRM system?!

‘Client Relationship Management’ system in corporate-talk – aka, making your customers / clients / collaborators feel cared for, and follow up with the right person at the right time.

It also helps you keep all your notes in one place – e.g., easily pick up client conversations, know what you need to submit for that summit, or have direct links to that podcast recording to promote.

Do I have to use Airtable, and how much is it?

No, the template is for Airtable, but I’ll walk you through the whole process. If you’re already using another database system that you prefer, and it offers you notification emails, you can use that instead.

(I adore Airtable though, and you might find you fall in love with it too! 😉)

You only need the free version of Airtable for what I’m teaching you / to run your follow-up system.

What *exactly* is included?

– Bite-size training videos (total around 45 minutes, all with closed captions) walking you through the process of creating your follow-up system – with the template included, you can have it set up & working in less than 2hrs.

– An Airtable template of the Follow-up Database so you can hit the ground running.

Will this really take me 2hrs?

To follow the training (around 45 minutes) and set it up with your initial data, yes. In fact, it may go quicker than that! 

If you have a LOT of data to bring in and sort through that might take a bit longer, but I talk about what to prioritise, so this doesn’t become a huge project!

I have another question!

Great! Use the little chat box at the corner of the screen and I’ll reply – or come back to you by email if I’m offline. Or you can email me / my team at

Moira Fuller, looking right

Hi, I’m Moira 👋

I’m a business strategist & coach, and I help small business owners to align their strategy, systems and mindset, so they can transform their day-to-day grind into a business that runs around them.⁣

I’ve direct experience of managing and growing businesses, having run a venue (the corporate job, before I went my own way!), a multi-six figure subscription box and coached small business owners over the past 10 years.

This training is all about making it simpler for you to connect with the people who are part of your world, in a way that feels easy to you.

Having a simple ‘Here’s who to reach out to / follow up with (and no, you haven’t forgotten anyone)‘ resource is worth its weight in gold.

Simple follow up, simple reach-outs – and a bit of peace of mind!

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