How Being Outcome Focussed Will Change Your Small Business

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Moira Fuller | Productivity

If you feel like you’re not getting enough done each day, these quick tweaks will make a massive difference to your business.


Do you remember this?

It’s 3.40pm. 

You go and make yourself a cup of coffee using your favourite office mug, sit down at your desk, hit refresh on your emails, look over the desk dividers for someone to talk to, scroll through those emails that aren’t urgent again.

It’s 3.46pm.

You sigh and flump in your grey office chair.

When will that clock move around to 5.30pm??

Clock watching no more…

Well, my lovely friend, those days are gone. You left the office job, you run your own business, the long days of ugly grey chairs and battles over who left dishes in the office sink are behind you.

In fact, now, the question is often, ‘How has that clock got to 7pm already?!’

But if you’re not careful and intentional, then you did bring something unwanted with you (nope, not the Marvin the Martian mug, that’s cool).

When we make that beautiful switch from employee to running our own business, we must switch our mindset to focusing on outcomes.

I’m gonna say that again, it’s that important.

We must switch our mindset to focusing on outcomes.

What do we get done each day, not how long we’re at a desk.

What gives us the best energy to get those key tasks done, not did we start by 8.30am.

When this happens, the criteria you judge your to-list and how your spend your time completely change too.

Here’s my top tips to making this work for you.


The Right Outcomes

What’s really going to move the needle on moving your business forward? 

You already know the answer to this. You’re smart. This ain’t your first rodeo. You could sit down and in 15 minutes write me a list of the things you know you should be doing.

Break those into little chunks and make them the focus of your day.

When you’re super-clear on what on what will make the big difference for your business (not what you feel you’re supposed to be doing) – and focus on those tasks first – the feeling of traction will hit much quicker that you expect.


Choose 3 tasks each day

I know your to-do list has 42 things on it, mine used to too.

But do you spend much of your time re-writing the same things over and over again?

Keep it really simple, each day choose 3 important things you really want to get done that day – and be realistic, break bigger projects into steps. Then focus on making those happen.

(If you’re thinking, ‘Easy for you to say!’, I talk through practical ways to how to make getting your three tasks a day done in the free download below, ‘How to Reclaim an hour a day’.)


Your precious energy is your priority

You don’t need to be at your desk at a certain time any more – but you DO need to bring your best energy to your work. So what does that for you? 

Meditation, a run, journalling, a walk in the woods? 

Focus on getting yourself into a great mental space, and the work you produce will be so much stronger.

For extra bonus points, pay attention to how your energy flows throughout the day and plan tasks at those key times. 

Morning’s great for me, I lull between 2 – 4pm, then have an energetic burst from 4 – 6pm. How about you?

If you’ve found this useful, there’s plenty more juicy creative business advice to come – with quick tips and done-for-you templates to really help your business fly.

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