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If you’re curious about The Systems Backstage Pass, here’s an example from the first week:

17 to 23 June


  • Video creation & editing
  • Order bumps with images
  • Adding upsell ‘lessons’ to existing courses
  • Two-tier pricing
  • Adding affiliate links with images


  • YouTube: I’m launching a brand new channel (I’ve been talking of this since September last year! 🙈 But we’re nearly there…) This week, I want to record & edit my first 3 videos, and as I do that, feel into a process for recording videos in a way that feels safe (and start a SOP – standard operating procedure – for it).
  • 1:1 Strategy Calls: At the moment, I have self-study courses + a 3 month coaching program – I want to add in a 1:1 Strategy Call option, at a price that’s more accessible but still makes sense when compared to the 3 month deep-dive 1:1 program. This will look like creating the product & linking to it from my existing courses.
  • Review course pricing: I want to review my prices and set up more ‘2-tier pricing’ (see more below!)




  • Wrote, recorded, edited first 3 YouTube videos – this was more than I expected and a BIG DEAL. 😆 I’m working through some ‘visibility stuff’ with my coach, on ways to be more visible while feeling safe. Here’s what I’ve found; writing in a notebook really helps. I feel more connected to what I’m writing. Sometimes, a blank google doc or Airtable form works just as well, but key is that it feels one-step-removed from being public! 😉
  • I’d decided I wanted to record my videos around my home, not just at my desk talking to my computer screen, so I have a small stand that I attach my phone to and it’s travelling around the house with me.
  • I explored teleprompter options and using Descript’s magic eye (where you could read notes and it will adjust your eyes to look like you’re looking at the camera). I love Descript so much, but the magic eye thing looked REALLY weird. 👀 In the end, I had my notes in front of me, read a bit to camera, understood the next bit and read that to camera + repeat. It took me about an hour to record 2 x 5 minute videos (including faffing with location, camera angle, and recording).

Thoughts: It works for me to write out the script in full (notebook / google doc), read that to camera, and edit so it looks smooth!


  • I love Descript for editing. It’s a text-based editor, so you can work the text in front of you, cut out the ‘bad takes’ and easily get a great video together pretty quickly.
  • Top tip: if you want to vary up how the video looks, zoom in on your footage every so often (and out again after). (Subtle but it makes it easier for people to watch!)
  • One thing I don’t find as easy on Descript is editing footage which is silent – e.g., my little intro of me in the woods. I already have Filmora (got in an AppSumo sale a while back) and love it, so used that for the intro / outro, and added them into Descript. They’re in Descript now so I can use them again and again.
  • Descript also lets you publish direct to YouTube – this was super-quick to do.
  • (The main thing I love about Descript is that it will also help with snippets and copy for social, show notes for blogs and podcasts and more – I’ll cover this in future weeks as I do it).

Thoughts: I started my SOP for this too – at the moment, it’s looking a bit lean, but this is how they start! I’m sharing this to show the SOP is a work in progress – I create them as I go along.

1:1 Strategy Calls (OFFERS + ECOSYSTEM)

  • I wanted an Strategy Call offer that would help someone who was on more of a budget; so this has two options; just the call + adding a week of Voxer support. We also created a 2-part payment plan option. Here’s the link to have a look.
  • This happened pretty quickly! We had an old sales page we could update. I asked Hazel (my VA) to look for copy about Voxer support on an older offer of mine, and add that into this draft page.
  • I created a new bump Voxer offer image in Canva, so it catches the eye more than just text alone.

I also wanted to share this on all my self-study courses, so if people are looking for additional support, they can quickly see this & pricing options. I created this on one course, then asked Hazel to roll out across the others:

Review Pricing (OFFERS + PROMO PREP)

I’ve wanted to review my pricing for a while – I know the pro’s and con’s and in’s and out’s of pricing is something we could talk about for a while! I’ve come to a place where I generally will launch something at a lower price, then intend to take it up to it’s ‘normal’ price after.

I’m planning to roll out new 2-tier pricing on my offers (learned this from Lizzy Goddard!), where the first time someone comes across a self-study course, they’ll get the offer price for a limited time, then it goes back to the main price.

Right now, I’m taking all my offers to what will be the lower price, and in about 6-8 weeks, planning a ‘prices going up’ promo (a few of them are pitched too low & suggest there’s less value in the course than there is!)

I’ve been a bit quieter online recently, so I’m planning to do a bunch of value content over the coming weeks (e.g., the new YouTube videos), then I’ll share this flash sale. You heard it here first! 😉


  • Actually, most of my courses were already at the ‘lower tier’ price, so I asked Hazel to increase the price on the one that wasn’t.
  • I also double-checked my pop up for the page in Convertbox to make sure it didn’t specify price.


  • Last week I’d updated my ‘all’ page – the home for everything I offer, based on Elizabeth Goddard’s $9 ‘Show ‘Em Everything’ training. Before, there had been quite big boxes for each one, now I’ve super-simplified so it’s easer to see.
  • I also added a note about Lizzy’s training at the bottom of the page with a graphic (it had just been a line of text before) – and already, an affiliate sale! (They went on to buy other things from Lizzy too, so not just a $9 sale 😉).
  • What’s interesting is I had stories about ‘not many people coming to my site just now’, but this update still worked and quickly!



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