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8 Key Elements to Create a Successful Subscription Box

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Ready to launch or refine your subscription box?

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Create a subscription box business that delights your customers, runs like clockwork and gives you more profit & freedom.

7 Day Refund Guarantee


The program to create a thriving, profitable subscription box that your customers love.

If you want to launch a subscription box, or add one to your existing business…

Or if your subscriber numbers have stagnated and you want to grow your box…

Let’s talk about the reality of subscription boxes!

You might already know the profitability of having recurring revenue each month and higher profit margins as you’re selling direct-to-customer…

and can see how subscriptions will create a better and deeper understanding of your customers, delighting them month after month (or quarter after quarter)…

Here’s what you might not know

With the subscription box model, you can reach 6-figure turnover with less than 300 subscribers & work part time.

  • To reach $100,000 turnover (approx £80,000), a $30 subscription box just needs 278 subscribers a month.  (That’s $30 x 12 months x 278 subscribers = $100,080 turnover)
  • Where a customer currently spends $30 with you, you’re likely looking at $90 – $180 now. Keep providing value for your customers and they’ll stay with you. The average subscription length is 3-6 months.
  • Your cashflow becomes positive. Most subscription boxes take orders during a month, then post the following month – so your cashflow works in your favour.
  • Did I mention there’s less admin too? You can create one dispatch list each month, and have one mail out day.
  • Post & pack becomes a lot easier. One mail out day means you either can bring people in to support you with ‘boxing day’, or opens up the ability to use a fulfilment centre to pack for you. Some fulfilment centres will work with you at 50 boxes / month going out.
  • You can focus on growing your business. Bring in support from a Virtual Assistant to handle your customer service queries, and you can focus on the business. When my subscription box reached £100,000 turnover (approx $125,000), my VA was supporting me for only 14hrs a month. And I was working on the business 2-3 days a week.

It’s forecast to grow…

subscription box stats compiled by Moira Fuller

IMARC Group, a leading market research company, released a 2022 report looking at the projected global growth of the subscription box market. 
SUBTA, the Subscription Box Trade Association, compiled their own Attest survey in 2022.

Imagine a business that gives you this…


Creating or curating something truly special for your subscribers


Building a business that gives you time and location freedom


With recurring income, your subscription box can support you & your loved ones

And yet… Even though the reasons for exploring a subscription box are obvious, the path to doing it successfully is anything but.


Why many Subscription Boxes fail

(Or, what to avoid)

You have a great idea for what your subscription box could be, you have it in your mind’s eye, excitedly buy the boxes and tissue paper to brand them up, spend hours looking through supplier websites, decide your first box, and launch!

Tumbleweed blows past.

So you go through the supplier sites again, sure you’ll find the perfect mix for your second box, and promote it!

Crickets, and a few unsubscribes from the few you did bring in last month.

And so it continues, each new customer an effort to bring in – and with unsubscribes, you stay at the same level, more or less.

I’ve seen this so many times.

It happens when you haven’t done the groundwork, and are trying to spin all the plates, source stock, grow your audience, and learn everything yourself – and it all gets partly done.

That’s exactly why I teach people how to create and grow a successful subscription box. I want you to thrive and create the business you know you’re capable of.

One that supports you, gives you freedom and delights your customers.

Moira sitting on a sofa looking up


Your Step-by-Step Roadmap

I’ll show you how to build a strong foundation and clear understanding of your audience, so your boxes fly out.

You can skip much of the trial and error, and instead fast-track to a successful subscription box, with tested methods and systems that get results.


That’s why i created

Subscription Box Academy

So you have all the elements to create a successful, thriving subscription box business:


Learn step-by-step how to set up and run your subscription box


Shortcut your journey with tried and tested insights & real results


Save time using tested systems to run your box smoothly


Use swipe files and guides to fast track your progress


Learn the lean way to launch and grow your box, to maximize your budget


Validate your idea, and design a subscription box your customers will love


Create a subscription box website that converts, and grow your subscriber numbers


Craft your customer journey to nurture browsers to long-term subscribers


Use the Subscription Box Marketing Ecosystem to attract new subscribers into your world


Launching? Get all the insider advice & use our marketing launch runway templates

“Subscription Box Academy was incredible, I have learnt so much and being able to talk to Moira was invaluable. I wouldn’t have launched if it wasn’t for Moira and her knowledge.”


Craft Subscription Box

“Working with Moira is the best decision you can make for your business. You get a whole lot more than coaching, you get someone to walk the journey with you, no matter what stage you are at. SBA is worth every single penny and more.”


Craft Subscription Box

“Moira knows her stuff and goes out of her way to help you get where you need to be. She’s gentle but firm, kind and encouraging. The best motivator, cheerleader and mentor all rolled into one fabulous coach!”


Stationery Subscription Box


This model can be so efficient it’s part time

(That’s how I started coaching alongside! 🥰)

Managing and maintaining my subscription box business took around than 2 days a week (before I sold it).

So how does it work exactly?

All it takes are

3 Crucial Steps


Create a subscription box that delights your subscribers box after box, so they can’t wait to sign up, and for each new box to arrive.

Nurture & Convert

From the moment potential subscribers find you, you’re creating an experience for them. Make it intentional and show off how great your box is.


Use smart, cost and time-effective and leveraged ways to find new subscribers, that play to your own personal marketing strengths too. 

This is relevant whether you’re launching a subscription box, or refining one that already exists.

Can this really work? You bet!

I launched my subscription box with 22 subscribers, packing the boxes on our kitchen table, and grew it to multi-six-figure turnover without investment.

When my subscription box reached six-figure turnover

I was working on the business 1-2 days a week.

I had a VA supporting me 14 hours a month. 🤩

A fulfilment centre sent out all the boxes, so I didn’t have stock at home. 🎉

The business grew to multi-six-figure turnover, and I sold it in 2023.

SBA graphic showing what's inside

Welcome to…

Subscription Box Academy

The program to create a subscription box that delights your customers, runs like clockwork and gives you more profit & freedom.

7 Day Refund Guarantee

SBA inside the programme

on the inside

What you’ll learn

woman writing in a notebook wearing a soft pink jumper


Subscription Box: Review Ideas

You might have an idea for your subscription box, but before you spend a heap of money and time creating it, we’re going to make sure it’s exactly what your potential customers want, and will sell.

If you already have a box, you’ll look at it with fresh eyes, and learn exactly what to tweak to attract new subscribers.

Miss this one, and your subscription box might never really find its audience!

We’ll also make sure you’re clear on your subscription box costs and the profit you should be aiming for, and how to get there. We’ll look at your profit margins, and what you can expect to pay (lean & ‘ideal’ versions) for all the aspects of your subscription box.

If numbers aren’t your thing, don’t worry, I’ve got you – I’ll walk you through this step-by-step.

Know your numbers, and your profit can flourish!


Create/Refine your Box

Once you know your customers and your box budget, the creative process begins! You’ll create or refine the ‘theatre of unboxing’ experience for your customers, and make smart decisions on your boxes, sketching out your plans and ideas for the coming 12 months.

Design a magical unboxing experience that stands out from the crowd.

You’ll also learn how to source suppliers and handle conversations around buying wholesale, and increase the perceived value of your box contents.

Be confident in your plan to delight your customers box after box – and to budget!


Subscription Box Websites that Convert

There’s a ‘language’ to subscription box websites – not just what to say, but what you should include and where that puts your potential customers at ease and increases conversions to grow your subscribers. It’s crucial to get this right before you put time and effort into other marketing channels.

We’ll also clarify the confusing world of which website / subscription box platform to use, depending on whether you want simplicity & ease, or to have more options with your tech (we cover both!)

Create a website that maximises your marketing efforts.


Nurture/Your Customer Journey

Each stage of your customer’s journey builds their relationship with your brand and subscription box. Create meaningful relationships (care about your customers each step of the way), and you have long-term subscribers.

You’ll look at the essential elements of the journey from your customer’s point of view, how to over-deliver – and create systems and templates to automate and simplify the process. This includes done-for-you swipe files for the most common customer service emails you’ll need.

Focus on the relationships you have with your customers and you’ll keep them for much longer!

good vibes cushion against pale teal covered chair


Attract / Marketing

No matter how long your business has been running, you need a strategy to keep growing your audience. “If you build it, they will come” only happens in the movies!

This module gives you a very clear process to choose, test and track your marketing results. You’ll learn the key levers for growth for subscription boxes and where to focus your attention as a new sub box.

Please note, this isn’t a ‘how to’ for paid Facebook / Pinterest / Google Ads, etc.; we’ll look each of the key options to consider (free and paid-for, their pros / cons & next steps), and save you time / money by prioritising the ones to focus on initially.

Learn the key ways to market your subscription box and retain subscribers!  

Plus you get instant access to

All of these bonuses

Launch your Subscription Box

Step-by-step training to launch your subscription box, using the core foundations in Subscription Box Academy plus bonus content. 

The Launch Marketing Runway

How to make the most of your subscription box launch marketing runway, with week-by-week tasks and ideas to swipe.

Subscription Box Branding 101

Branding is crucial to how your box is perceived. If your branding needs a little TLC, this training teaches you how to brand or refine your branding to resonate with customers.

Each module has bite-sized lessons, so it’s easy to jump to the content you want to review.

Your Offer ends in:

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Join Subscription Box Academy now and you’ll get instant access to:


The Subscription Box Academy Program

Full, in-depth & succinct training to teach you how to create or refine your offer, increase your conversion rate, nurture your customers, and attract new subscribers.


Launch Your Subscription Box

Step-by-step training to get all the cogs in place to launch your subscription box, using the core foundations in Subscription Box Academy plus bonus content. 


The Launch Marketing Runway

How to make the most of your subscription box launch marketing runway, with week-by-week tasks and ideas to swipe.


Subscription Box Branding 101

Branding is crucial to how your box is perceived. If your branding needs a little TLC, this teaches you how to refine / create your branding to resonate with customers.



Yep, there’s more!




(Save $300!)


1 payment of $667

7 Day Refund Guarantee



7 Day Refund Guarantee



7 Day Refund Guarantee


But wait – there’s more!

Action Taker Bonuses

When you sign up today, you’ll also get

6 x Voxer Q&A Days



Get personalised one-to-one feedback with me


6 x Q&A Days to ask me questions about your subscription box - through Voxer, a free voicenote app.


We can talk about your offer, customer feedback, increasing your conversion rate, mindset, strategy and more - and you'll leave with clarity on your next steps.


The Q&A days are 10am to 6pm BST (UK), so you'll have time to speak with me, no matter your time zone.

We won’t be on Voxer all day – I’ll be talking with other clients too, but there’s usually time to answer a few questions over the day.

Mindset Coaching Audios



12-week mindset coaching audio program, with key mindset shifts around how you see yourself and your business.


Use these to build resilience, helping you to take faster action and stretch your comfort zone


Knowing the 'how to' isn't enough, it's also shifting the underlying patterns of behaviour and how we think about our work that's crucial.


When you do this, you'll create a business that's more in alignment with what you really want, and ultimately more successful.

Join Subscription Box Academy today for


(Save $300!)

7 Day Refund Guarantee

Through Subscription Box Academy you’ll


Get confidence that your subscription box will absolutely deliver what your customers want.


Create a website that converts.


Have the systems set up to connect, grow and nurture your customers.


Have a clear, personalised strategy to bring more people to your website.


Have the mindset coaching tools to approach your business in a new way.

You have lifetime access to this training, so you can refer back to the content & apply it at the next level as you grow.

What clients say

Testimonials from my students

“We’re now going into our 21st month of subscription boxes and I still refer to Subscription Box Academy every month to perfect Between Green Boxes.”

I was running my subscription box for about 5 months and thought to myself… maybe I should do some actual training on Subscription Boxes to propel Between Green Boxes to the next level. Then I found Moira Fuller. I signed up to the Subscription Box Academy and I just wish I’d done it sooner!!

We’re going into our 21st month of subscription boxes and I still refer to Moira’s training every month to perfect Between Green Boxes. And with customers who have been with me since day 1 (nearly 2 years ago), I must be doing something right!”

– Jodie, Eco-Friendly Subscription Box

Client Jodie Testimonial
Anna testimonial image

“Thank you for helping me find my passion for my business again. For the first time, I’m proud of my brand and excited for its future.”

“I used Subscription Box Academy to relaunch my existing subscription box.

I’d joined two other subscription box groups / courses before and was disappointed in both. I chose Subscription Box Academy because I felt that Moira would bring more unique and valuable insight into my box… and I was right!

The modules are so thorough and had me thinking about my box and overall brand in a new way. Thank you for helping me find my passion for my business again. For the first time since I launched I am proud of my brand and excited for its future.”

– Anna, Business Subscription Box

“If you’re thinking of working with her, I’d say ‘Do it!’. Moira’s calmness and clear explanations are so insightful. She’s been there, done it & got the t-shirt.”

“Moira is awesome and brings a level of calm to everything. It’s as if she looks into you and sees what you are struggling with even if you don’t! If you’re thinking of working with her, I’d say ‘Do it!’.

Everything in the programme is clear & concise. Totally manageable in small bite sized blocks each week so you keep focused, have time to learn & process / take action.

Moira’s calmness and clear explanations are so insightful. She’s been there, done it & got the t-shirt.”

– Nicky, Gluten-Free Subscription Box

Nicky testimonial image

“Moira, you’re very, very good at what you do. All your interventions are very timely, thoughtful and to the point. It’s good to have somebody to focus in on elements in a way that that isn’t always possible to see yourself. Subscription Box Academy has been brilliant.”


Book Subscription Box

“I’m going through the customer journey module and I’m blown away by the detail that’s gone into the whole course to be honest. You really have covered everything.


Business Subscription Box

Moira’s enthusiasm for the subscription box model coupled with years of successfully running her own box makes her the ideal person to show you the easy way to get started. I would highly recommend Moira and her Subscription Box Academy – it really is a ‘must do’ course for ensuring a successful launch. “


Sewing Subscription Box

Anna testimonial image

“Moira shares her trade secrets – SBA is incredibly thorough and definitely value for money.”

“I’d highly recommend Subscription Box Academy. 
Moira shares her trade secrets and talks you through all aspects of running a subscription business. In fact I was blown away by how much content there was, it’s incredibly thorough and definitely value for money. 

Moira is so open and approachable – you feel you have her on your side throughout the course.”

– Saj, Craft Subscription Box

“I can honestly say my subscription box has been fast-tracked with Moira. I know I will reach whatever target I set!”

“Moira really helped me to organise my personal journey, showing me how to prioritise what to work on first. She has a wealth of knowledge and was always able to find solutions and give support when it was needed.

The course was packaged into easily accessible bite-sized pieces with tasks to really channel your ideas. There’s lots of valuable content to refer to throughout the course (and ongoing).

With Moira, I can honestly say my subscription box has been fast-tracked. I’m now approaching my fourth month of box sales and have been sending out more than 60 boxes for the last two months!

– Alice, Science Subscription Box

Nicky testimonial image

Frequently asked questions

How much time do I need to commit?

This program will walk you through launching or refining your subscription box, and how to grow it.

The training and worksheets are intentionally kept succinct and relevant, so you get traction as quickly as possible – and actually work on your business (not learning for learning’s sake).

I’d recommend allowing an hour to watch each module, and then 2-5 hours to implement (actually working on your business).

If you don’t have 3-6 hours a week, don’t forget you have lifetime access to the Subscription Box Academy program, so you can go at your own pace.

What does 'Lifetime Access' mean?

It means as long as the training content exists, you’ll have access.

It doesn’t mean our lifetimes (who knows what we’ll all be doing decades from now!), but if the programme does ever close, we’d give you plenty of notice.

How do the Q&A Days work?

The Q&A Days give you an opportunity to get bespoke one-to-one feedback on your subscription box and any questions you have as you work through the training.

The Subscription Box Academy training is very thorough – clients often don’t have many questions as they’re already answered with the content – however this gives you the opportunity to ask questions around your specific situation, or if you’re unsure of anything.

We use Voxer, a free voicenote app (you can download it here).

You can leave voicenotes or type messages – it’s very user-friendly.

Not sure about Voxer? Download the app and add me as a contact (I’m ‘moirafuller’) and say hi! I’ll reply and you can see how easy it is to use.

On the Q&A Days, I’ll be around from 10am to 6pm BST / UK time (so you’ll have time to speak with me, no matter your time zone). Don’t worry, we won’t be talking for 8 hours! I’ll be coaching other clients too – but there’s usually time to answer a few questions over the day.

You have 3 monthly Q&A Days as part of Subscription Box Academy; we’ll share your dates with you when you sign up for the program.

We can talk about your offer, customer feedback, increasing your conversion rate, mindset, strategy and more – and you’ll leave with clarity on your next steps.

Can I get more support from you?

If you’d like more support than the 3 x monthly Q&A Days, I also offer one-to-one coaching, from single sessions to packages over a number of months.

The first step is to book a no-pressure clarity call, to give us an opportunity to say hi, and I can answer any questions you have.

How do I know my idea for a subscription box will work?

There’s no guarantees on the success of any business, but if you really understand your customers (we cover this in the very first module) and deliver value to them, you’re in the best possible place.

Some products don’t lend themselves to subscription boxes (items customers tend to buy only occasionally) – you can read about these in this blog post: Subscription Box Ideas for Product Businesses.

I already have a subscription box - is this relevant for me?

If you’re finding it a challenge to get up off the ground, you’re likely to need to revisit some of the foundational building blocks and this will definitely do that.

If your box has already taken off and you’re looking for support to scale, one-to-one coaching would be a better fit for you – you can learn more here.

Can't I work this out by myself?

Of course you can – that’s what I did. 

But it took me waaay longer than it needed to, and I made some costly & timely mistakes along the way.

That’s why I created this program – so I can shortcut your journey and show you what I wish I’d known, so you can avoid wasting time and money.

Is there a guarantee?

No. The program is set up to give you the highest level of success, but many factors apply for each individual, and we cannot make guarantees.

However, we do have a money-back guarantee, so you can check out the training for yourself. 

If, within 7 days of signing up, you don’t feel Subscription Box Academy is the right fit for you, I’ll refund you in full.

That’s how sure I am that you’ll start to feel traction to creating or growing your subscription box and be excited to continue.

Money Back Guarantee

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes absolutely! I want you to feel confident in joining Subscription Box Academy, so there’s a 7-Day no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee.

No drama, easy peasy.

Box with packaging materials, tape says 'packed with love'

Ready to launch or refine your subscription box?

Your free training and offer to save $300 on
Subscription Box Academy ends in:

Days     Hours     Minutes     Seconds    

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