The mindset shift to get past any fear of growing your business

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Moira Fuller | Mindset

When you’re procrastinating around tasks that you know are likely to move your business forward, it’s often fear getting in your way.

But how do we shift that fear?

Well, it’s a fickle little creature and there are many ways to come at. Today, I’m sharing my favourite mindset shift to reframe any resistance you’re feeling.

You know, the knotting feeling in your stomach…

… the thing that’s been on every to do list you’ve written in the last few months

… the task that guilt trips you every time someone mentions anything around that topic.

AND they’re the same tasks you just KNOW are important to your business.

Yep, those ones.

You can apply this mindset shift to anything… Let’s dive in.


Remove the perfectionism of ‘success’ or ‘failure’ and everything you test will have a value.

Here’s a quick recap of what we covered in the video:

  1. How to know when you’re butting up against resistance / fear.
  2. Why testing will help you move forward.
  3. How to borrow from the startup world and use ‘MVP’s’.
  4. What you need to articulate before you start.

Do you already have something in mind to move forward?

What are you going to test first? 


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