Why Searching For ‘How to Find New Customers’ Shouldn’t Be Your Priority

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Moira Fuller | Productivity

If you keep looking for the secret sauce to find more customers (and find yourself down an internet rabbit warren), you’re searching for the wrong thing.

Before you google the best way to find new customers, I’m willing to bet you already know.


The issue isn’t that you need a magic formula, it’s that you need the time to do the work.

The Facebook ads.

The opt-in for your email list.

The setting up your customer journey so you turn new potential customers into raving fans.

If we sat down for 15 minutes (comfy cushions, lots of plants, a cracking mug of coffee), you can already tell me the key things you need to do.

Sticky buns optional…

So before you hit up google or your favourite Facebook groups again, let’s address that bigger problem.

How you spend your time is your biggest priority.

Here’s my key tips to genuinely move your business forward in the next 60 minutes.

(and no rabbits in sight).


1. The things you should be doing

You know your business better than anyone.

Sit down for 15 minutes with a timer and a notebook or sheet of paper, and braindump down everything you know you should be doing to move your business forward.

Now, no hyperventilating – this isn’t what you’re going to do in the next week.

This is a top level, strategic list of the big goals that could move your business forward.

When your timer rings, have a quick review of your list and score off any that aren’t priorities. Make your best guess (right now, today) on the ones that will actually make a significant difference.

And if there’s any ‘easy wins’ in there – things you can do quickly – circle them.


2. The things you shouldn’t be doing

Now let’s have a look at what you currently do that you shouldn’t be doing.

Set your timer for another 15 minutes and brainstorm these out – they can be both the things you’d like to get out of the habit of (hello, scrolling on social media) and the things you’d love to delegate to someone else.

Spending lots of time doing the paperwork to get orders out?

Get lost for hours when you sit down to schedule social media?

Does your inbox make you break out in a rash when you look at it?

Be open minded here, there’s lots of ways to be smart around how long tasks take (it’s something I talk about with my clients a lot), but the first step is to recognise what irritates or drains you.

And there’s a FREE guide to Reclaiming An Hour A Day at the end of this post to make it really easy.


3. What would be different?

Let’s peer into the future.

It’s 6 months from now, and you’ve done the items on your first list, and lost / outsourced the items on your second list.

How does that feel?

What does your business look like now?

Would you be willing to try doing things a little differently today to get from where you are now, to this new place?


4. What’s your next step?

Well, I’m gonna guess you said yes to that final question!

Here’s the great news, you don’t need to leap from where you are now to there in one step, you can make the changes bit by bit.

Look at the ‘easy wins’ you circled, can you do any of them this week?

Are you ready to stop doing anything on the ‘shouldn’t be doing’ list?

Can you outsource anything that is important, but doesn’t need to be done by you?


I would love to hear that this one hour exercise actually shakes things up for you. 

To keep the momentum going, I’d love to share my FREE guide to reclaiming an hour a day, with TEMPLATE so it’s super-easy to implement.

If you’d like my support to help you put in a strategy and take action to grow your business, you find out more about working with me here.

If you’ve found this useful, there’s plenty more juicy creative business advice to come – with quick tips and done-for-you templates to really help your business fly.

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