Word Up! 5 words to define your brand

Are you clearly conveying your brand & offer to your potential customers? 5 small words could make the difference.

We’re working with a copywriter just now, and she asked me a beautiful question:

What 5 words would you use to describe your brand?

Now, I’ve heard this one before (maybe you have too), but it’s worth pausing over and thinking about again. 

What five words would you use for your business?

What would you want to convey to your customers when they come across / engage with you?

And are you currently doing that?

Let’s run this together.

Let’s say you have a Japanese Foods subscription box. 

Your words might be: Elegant, Refined, Exquisite, Crisp, Beautiful 

Or, they might be: Travel, Adventure, Excitement, Discovery, Fun 

Two very different ways to take the same concept.

What words would you choose for your business?

And then – are you conveying them:

– On your website?

– In your branding?

– In your communication?

– In your packaging?

– On social media?

You (hopefully) know what you want your customers to feel when they buy from you or work with you. Is that happening for them?

I hope this gets the cogs turning for you. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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