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Listen to your soul calling & lean into your strengths.

Who I am and what I do

You’re here because you’re SO proud of your massive business growth, and know your next level of success means not only bigger sales numbers but also some shifts in how your business is run.

You’ve found yourself feeling tired, burnt out, and like you can’t put any more effort into growing your business. Maybe you’ve already had that niggling feeling that you need to streamline, and that whisper from your soul saying you need to return to what lights you up.

That’s where I can help you.

I’m a business coach and entrepreneur- I’ve been exactly where you are, and know how important it is to raise your profits while also getting a day off, and returning to a to-do list that actually excites you.

It’s both the practicalities – auditing what is and isn’t working, finding the right systems & processes, outsourcing and getting support for you – and the inner work; the mindset shifts, the soul callings, the subtle fears that are blocking you.

If you feel…

  • So tired, that you can’t physically put any more effort in, but the needle’s not moving fast enough in your business.
  • That the idea of doing twice as much work (to reach twice your income) is impossible. You’ve felt stuck at your current level of income.
  • Trapped – that you started your business for passion & freedom, but it feels like being back in a salaried job – only with more responsibility and stress.
  • That you spend all your time doing things that frustrate you.
  • That the idea of finishing early and taking 2 full days off each weekend is laughable.

…here’s how I can help

  • Giving you clarity on the quick wins that will create more breathing space.
  • Leaning into your strengths and calling to make sure your business is built around you.
  • Reviewing what is and isn’t working (financially, and for you) and if we need to, streamline what you do.
  • Starting or growing your support team (this doesn’t need to cost a fortune!)
  • Putting the relevant systems and processes into place.
  • Getting clarity on how to grow your revenue and make the changes to do this.
  • Taking the steps so you feel stronger, clearer, and more confident in your business and where it’s headed.
  • Giving you accountability to take action and make these things happen!

images: Annie Spratt, Jo Crawford

Previous Clients

You’re so insightful, it’s like you’ve come in and helped me clean my mental house out and get it organised. You really listen, get to know what I want to achieve, then challenge me in a good way and look at angles I’ve not thought of.

Working with you helped me filter what I needed to focus on – not just the tasks in my business, you took in the bigger picture of who I am. You gave me the confidence to say what was right for me and build me back up again.

When you feel blind and want somebody to lead you out of it, you made those challenges seem simple and gave me the steps to walk through them.

It’s like a fog has lifted, I’m back on track & clear headed. When I need to grow again, I’ll be contacting you. You’ve just got it.

Krishna Patel

Dilishque Curry Pastes

Thank you! I’m much clearer on the steps I’m taking and more structured in my actions. I really liked having specific exercises and tools that helped me walk through and clarify my thinking, and take something tangible from.

It appealed to me that you understood my colourful, creative business too – that you’d been on the journey before and have a proven track record, I knew I could learn a lot from you. 

Jennie Lunt

A House To Dream In, Interior Design

I hadn’t worked with a coach before and I was worried it might be intrusive. Everything I’ve done so far with my business represents a decision I’ve made. I thought a coach might challenge those decisions in a way that felt critical – and some coaches I’d found seemed so irritating and smug!

But with you, everything was constructive and positive and you’ve always got a solution that helps. You’re a mine of information, I always come away with things that are really helpful – and the accountability has been great. I get things done because I know I’ll be speaking to you.

It also helped that I could see that you’d already had success with your own business – that was attractive!

When you start a business, you have all these grand ideas but then end up splashing around in the shallows, not sure what to do… You help me clarify and sort and order, and keep alive those dreams and remind me that they are possible.

Liz Farley

Gather, Party & Events Planning & Shop

I’d love to talk to you

You don’t need to do this by yourself & you certainly don’t need to feel like you’re constantly wading through treacle to have a business you love.

Let’s have a chat and see if I can help.

If I don’t think I’m a good fit for the support you need, I’ll tell you honestly – and point you in the right direction if I know someone who can.

If you’re thinking ‘hmm, maybe’, then maybe you’ve found me today for a very good reason.

Let’s find out…