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The clock was ticking

The blood drained from my face, I looked ashen.

‘How long?!’ I asked.

‘38 years’

Until that morning, I hadn’t known about the government’s pension tracker app that tells you how many working years you have left.

My colleague had plugged in our dates of birth and, in those two words, took running my own business from romantic idea to realistic & determined goal.

Another 38 more years of for working someone else?! No thanks!

Maybe you had a moment like this too..?


Skip forward a few years

Yes, it’s amazing to be fully autonomous.

To see your hard work pay off in actual income, and actual customers who love, love, love what you do.

And to have that magic fluttery moment where you leave the day job to go full time.

(and can wear your slippers all day if you want to.)


As much as we love it, it can be HARD.

Especially when you hit that tipping point where you have more customers than you have time to create your best work.

And all those grand ideas to actually grow your business (rather than feel stuck on a hamster wheel) keep being put off.

That’s where my story comes in

My genius zone is helping you get to yours.

Much of my personal story has been about moving from what I thought I was supposed to be doing to creating my own path, discovering and trusting my genius zone, and listening to those little nudges.

I know what it’s like to feel totally stuck in a rut and how to move out of that to expansion and feeling alive each day.

In my earlier career (as an Event Manager and Venue Manager) and in running my own successful business, I thrive on seeing the big picture and breaking down the steps to get there.

And breaking down the assumptions on what that takes.

I know all too well what’s it like to be at the point of exhaustion and burned out, with your health suffering and your mood snappy as hell, because you don’t think there’s another option.

Honestly, there always is.

It’s a mixture of mindset work, practical action steps and a big dollop of faith that you can step out of your current comfort zone and do it.

I’ll supply the steps for all three, you just need to come on the journey.

Ready to take off?

Moira x

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