Your Business Cogs = My Granny’s Watch 

I’ve been thinking about launching a YouTube channel, and it really sharpens the mind to ‘what’s most important to say’.

If you wanted to kick off a YouTube channel, what 6-8 videos would you have as the foundations for your business? What would you distill down as most important to share / teach?

Interesting one, right?

Here’s what I got.

Your business is very like the watch my wee Scottish Granny left me. Here it is:

My Granny's Watch

On the outside, you say, ‘hey it’s a watch’ / ‘hey this is my business’.

But on the inside… holy mackerel, it looks like this:

Watch Inside

This is the one of the most beautiful things I own (this image probably doesn’t do it justice), but you get the gist:

  •  Intricacies of tiny cogs, different shapes and varieties and purposes.
  •  And little jewels. (Apparently there’s 15 in there – we can see 3, the little red ones towards the front).

This is your business.

It’s a beautiful timepiece, of cogs of different shapes and sizes that work together.

And it’s unique to you. Cogs that work in someone else’s business won’t necessarily work in yours, as we all bring unique skills, talents, passions to the table.

The challenge / fun of running a business is getting your cogs in place, and of refining them.

If you’re feeling stuck or frustrated in your business, it’s likely some cogs need adjusting.

If you’re not making the income you want yet, some element isn’t in place.

The thing is, you can have the majority of cogs in place, but if some aren’t working properly – or at all – you’ll feel stuck (financially, and/or in how you spend your time / energy).

And it might be that just a few cogs need adjusting.

Or, maybe a bunch of cogs need refining, but it’s something you can do step-by-step. It’s not a herculean task to get there.

Here’s the cogs that make a real difference when it comes to creating space to grow your business; to maximise the impact of your work, while keeping your time requirement & team budget lean.

  • Clarity of Direction (& alignment to what you really want to do)
  • Simplifying the Gap between here and ‘there’ (we love to over-complicate)
  • Productivity (in a gentle anti-hustle way)
  • Systems, Automations, Leveraging
  • Offerings & Connection
  • Support & Outsourcing
Your Business Cogs, The Roadmap

This is the checklist I use; if you look over it, can you already see what’s a priority for you? (Zoom in to see the larger image)

This is how I work with my one-to-one clients. We figure out which cogs are out of place, and focus on those areas to create real change in your business.

If you’d like my direct support to get your cogs into alignment, you can learn more about 1:1 coaching here.

Which cog would you start with?

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