A Rethink On 6-Figure Goals

When I work with clients on their business and their goals, we often review what they offer and how they price it – the practicality of money comes in!

Is it the same for you? When you think of your goals, is there a figure attached?

6-figure, multi-6-figure; I’ve been thinking about where these goals come from and what they really mean to us.

There’s definitely an appeal to a round number with lots of zeros – there’s a satisfying neatness to it.

There’s a cultural aspect to this too – I’ve worked with so many coaches where 6-figure + is very much the focus of activity. I’ve been there myself, it’s a goal I know many people aspire to.

I’ve also worked with many coaches where it goes even further – with the sense of ‘if you’re not growing, you’re not a success’. That makes me feel a bit bleugh just typing it.

So, if we want to be gentle with our businesses and lives (while still showing up in a powerful way), what would our goals look like?

Instead of taking a nice round-number that’s shared so often as the measure of success, I’m shifting to starting with the life you want to live and work out what that needs.

– Your living costs

– Your saving for a rainy day / fun money / holidays / new kitchen / whatever it might be!

– Your saving for retirement (now I’m in my 40s, that’s become more front-of-mind for me)

– Taxes

Work out from the bottom up what you’d like these figures to be (to feel expansive, to feel freedom of choice).

Then look at what your business needs to do to reach that. You can use the Profit & Priority Planner at the bottom of this page to do that.

You goal figure will be different for everyone. Living costs in the UK are different from the US (where a lot of the cultural norms come from), and product / retail businesses normally have a lot less profit in them than service-based.

“6-figure turnover” has very different meanings.

When you know what you’d love to take home, your definition of where you want to get to is your own. It’s your ‘I’ve reached this milestone’, not an arbitrary number with 5 zeros.

With gentle, focussed energy, that’s what you personally desire. It might be more or less than “6 figures”, but it’s yours.

And when you reach that, you can choose if you’re happy there, or if something new lights you up.

That’s a lot more powerful than more, more, more.

I am for more, more, more, when it comes to more life, more experiences, more belly-laughs, more adventures, more learning, more caring, more walks in the woods, more delicious coffees in little cafes, more soul talks, more cuddles with the cat (*and the husband!)

What do you want your delightful goal to look like? Get your free Profit & Priority Planner here.

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