CEO Strategic Planning course shown on desktop and tablet screens


The CEO Strategic Planning Course

When you want direction & clarity
(but setting goals feels forced)

Use this bite-size video course and walk-through process to map out your next Creative, Energized, Organized Quarter (the new CEO), and take action on it each week, while recognising your commitments and capacity.

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Get access to


Training & Planner

Step-by-step bite-size videos, PLUS fillable planner to take concrete action on your business over the next quarter.


Clarity in less than 2hrs

An afternoon project, with a succinct walk-through process to have a clear plan in front of you in less than 2 hours.

No hustle-culture

No hustle-hustle here; this is planning that’s aligned, not restrictive. It’s holistic – and getting the important work done.

CEO Strategic Planning course shown on desktop and tablet screens

The CEO Strategic Planning Course

training & planner

If you have too many ideas and spinning plates, or you’re not sure what to focus on next, this gives you clarity on what to prioritise (for you), and how to action it over the next quarter.

Get access to

Quarterly Planner - Use the training and workbook to have a clear plan for the next 3 months

Goal Clarity - Why they don’t work for most people, and what to do instead

Untangling Confirmation Bias - So more opportunities open up for you

Priority Review (for each stage of business) - Get clear on what to focus on

“All of you” Planning - Building from your commitments and capacity

Working On / In the business - How to balance both

Weekly Planning & Review - A simple (fun!) process to create and review

The Strategic Planner Workbook 📖

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“I just finished this course in one sitting. It was FANTASTIC and exactly what I needed to SIMPLY strategize and plan for Q1 of 2024.

Last year, I paid for a planning mastermind and felt completely overwhelmed. I loved your mindful and realistic approach. Thanks so much!”

– Jessica

“Moira broke down each step fully, which for someone with an ADHD brain, was absolutely brilliant. It made it really easy to follow along, and I can’t believe how much I’ve achieved with less than 2 hours work.

I’m going into the next 3, 6, 12 months feeling really empowered & that my goals are really achievable. Thank you!

– Emily

“I absolutely LOVED the CEO Strategic Planning course! It’s so in depth, it’s incredibly personal, you also make everything relatable. 

I feel like I’ve gotten the most out of your one program than I have in anything I’ve looked at before. Thank you so much for doing this program!”

– Ann

You’re busy in the day-to-day, so strategic planning (& review) are always on the back burner. 

How do you shift that?

✨ If you love a list, enjoy planning and strategy, but kinda have a love-hate thing going on with setting targets and goals…

✨ If you’re itching to do all the things but aren’t sure what to prioritise first…

✨ If you feel stuck in the day-to-day of your business, and want to think more creatively about how to grow it or make it more fun to run…

Then this training is for you.

Framed print showing 'Should Would Could Did'

The CEO Strategic Planning Course is designed to help you shift gears and craft your next Quarterly Plan, to feel exciting, supportive and freeing.

hand writing on notepad

You’ll learn:

✨  Why the usual ‘goals’ stuff doesn’t really click for most people, and what you can use instead.

✨  How confirmation bias – and how you see yourself – makes a huge difference to what you get done.

✨  My alternative ‘CEO’ process, bringing creativity, energy and organisation to your strategy.

✨  You’ll get clarity on what you want to tackle head-on this year and the exact steps to zoom in on for the next 3 months.

✨ A quick trick I use to tap into my gut feelings when I’m stumped on the ‘what’s next’ part.

✨ A laid-back review process to keep you on track, without giving yourself a hard time!


✨ Get your copy of The Strategic Planning Workbook (digital file).

CEO Strategic Planning course shown on desktop and tablet screens

Ready to create a strategy you’ll love to follow?

Join me for this training and get clear on your plans for the next quarter, and how you’ll make them happen.

Moira Fuller, looking right

The CEO Strategic Planning Course is perfect if you recognise any of these:

💡 You feel like you’re working daily task-list to task-list without an overarching plan, and want a clear, strategic vision for what to do to grow your business.

💡 You’ve found goal setting challenging in the past – if you don’t meet them, you feel like rubbish – so resist setting them now.

💡 You want a chill but effective way to make your plans happen.

💡 You want to learn more about how your mindset and thinking impact the outcomes you’re achieving (and how to uplevel that quickly).

💡 You want specific action steps in place, and a clear path of priorities for the coming weeks and months.

💡 You want a process you can stick to each day / week, not a notebook full of plans that you never look at.

On the other hand, I’d skip this if…

💡 You’re excellent at setting yourself gentle stretch goals and achieving them, while feeling good in the process (no hustle, hustle!)

💡 You’re put off by my talking about care, managing your energy, and creating space for you to show up powerfully. I’ll also talk business strategy, but I believe we need both elements.

Frequently asked questions

What stage of business is this for?

This teaching is relevant no matter what stage you’re at – an early-stage business, or an established one turning over tens of thousands of dollars a month, or somewhere in between!

For brand new businesses, I don’t talk specifically about the ‘how to’ of launching, but you’ll find the training on mindset and prioritising still very relevant.

Can I do this course at any time of year?

Yes! Absolutely, I review my goals and use the process in this workshop every 3 months, but it doesn’t have to be tied to a particular season – you can use the course at anytime.

I have another question!

Great! Use the little chat box at the corner of the screen and I’ll reply – or come back to you by email if I’m offline. Or you can email me / my team at

Moira Fuller business coach green dress

Hi, I’m Moira 👋

I’m a business strategist & coach, and I help small business owners to align their strategy, systems and mindset, so they can transform their day-to-day grind into a business that runs around them.⁣

I’ve direct experience of managing and growing businesses, having run a venue (the corporate job, before I went my own way!), a multi-six figure subscription box and coached small business owners over the past 10 years. You can learn more here.

This training is all about crafting a strategy for your business that is aligned to you – no cookie cutter recipies! – and that you can actually do, around your other commitments and capacity.

Having a clear ‘This is what I choose to focus on for the next few months (and I feel really good about that)’ PLUS a practical way to take action to make that happen, will move you forward much faster than uncertainty or following a strategy that isn’t aligned for you.

Let’s make that happen!

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