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The Marketing Content Goldmine

The strategic & organizational tool to leverage your marketing, create campaigns quickly & save hours every week

If marketing consistently feels tough, you’re not sure what to say, or you don’t know what’s really connecting & converting, welcome to The Marketing Content Goldmine – your essential resource to simplify your marketing & make it super-powerful.

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Clarifying Strategy

No more marketing confusion. We’ll keep it really simple & effective – and build it around marketing *you* enjoy.


Training & Template

Step-by-step bite-size videos, PLUS ready-to-use Airtable Template for the Marketing Content Goldmine.

Afternoon Project

Set up your Goldmine in an afternoon, with a succinct walk-through process to cut the fluff and use this tool within hours.

CEO Strategic Planning course shown on desktop and tablet screens

The Marketing Content Goldmine


If you’re struggling with marketing overwhelm, this training is designed to simplify your strategy, leverage your marketing & have a tool you’ll use for years.

Get access to

Centralized Marketing Goldmine – all your content in one place, so you can quickly create, find, and reuse content. Save many hours of your / your team’s time, and sell more effectively.

Simplified Marketing Strategy – the simple process to identify how you’ll attract, nurture and convert customers, in ways that play to your strengths.

Your Ideas Harvest – Never wonder ‘what should I talk about?’ again – the easy-to-use resource to create & use your Ideas Harvest.

Evergreen emails – how to use them & keep your content fresh.

Launch Emails – keep all your launch emails in one place, review what resonated, and re-use / refine for your next launch.

Review What’s Working – easily track the key metrics for your content, so you can create more of what works.

Free Version of Airtable – you only need the free version of Airtable to create your Content Goldmine. It’s all set up for you. If you’re completely new to Airtable, I’ll show you exactly what you need to know to start quickly.

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I’ve been using Moira’s brilliant Marketing Content Goldmine. For some reason I never got on with all the other Airtable templates I tried for managing my content, but the Marketing Goldmine just makes sense for my brain.”

– Ruth Poundwhite

I’ve been trying to find a method to organize all my content, but nothing had stuck. My notes were in GoogleDocs, Notion, my Notes app… I wanted one place to rule them all! The Marketing Goldmine is perfect! The step-by-step videos in manageable sizes are really helpful & the recommendations on how to get started helped me feel less overwhelmed. Everything is so simple and straight forward.

– Claire Fishback

If you’re not sure you’re seeing results for the time you spend marketing…

How do you make it simpler & more effective?

✨ If you deeply care about your community and customers, but also want to market in a way that is kind to your energy…

✨ If you bounce from marketing ‘should’ to ‘should’ (aka, you ‘should be doing {this shiny thing}), but none of it works for you…

✨ If you don’t know what’s working, you feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping for the best…

Then the Marketing Content Goldmine template & training is for you.

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The Marketing Content Goldmine is your key to streamlined marketing, tapping into the potential within your existing content.

What’s inside…

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✨  Before you create your Marketing Content Goldmine, we get clear on *your* strategy, so you can leverage what you do and focus on what matters.


✨  All your Offers in one central place, so you know which content is promoting which offer.

Moira hand writing
Moira hand writing


✨  Your Campaign Planner, so you can clearly see what you want to promote and when, and how this connects to your offers, and the content you create.

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✨  Your Content Hub, with all your content in one place, with different ‘views’ so you only see what you need to. 


Moira hand writing
Moira hand writing


✨  Allocate actions to your VA / team with one click, so you don’t need to leave Airtable.

They’ll get an email directing them straight to the content they need to work with.

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CEO Strategic Planning course shown on desktop and tablet screens

Ready to take control of your marketing?

Join me for this template & training, and create your Goldmine to leverage your marketing.

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The Marketing Content Goldmine template & training is perfect if you recognize any of these:

💡 You feel overwhelmed with all you should / could do next in your marketing.

💡 You find it difficult to create your marketing content, or aren’t sure what to say.

💡 You don’t have a review process for what’s working in your content.

💡 When you relaunch your programs, you / your VA heads down a rabbit warren of content, trying to remember what you did last time (and what worked).

💡 You like the idea of evergreen emails but worry they’d get stale.

💡 You want a tool you can actively use each week, not hide away and forget about.

On the other hand, I’d skip this if…

You already have a resource to hold and track your marketing content, to refine / reuse and review.

💡 You really don’t want to use Airtable (your Goldmine will live there). BUT if you’re on the fence at all, I’d give it a go. The training & template will get you up and running quickly, and it’s an incredible tool. (Plus you only need the free version of Airtable for this.)

💡 You specifically want training on marketing channels, e.g., Instagram or Youtube – this doesn’t teach the ‘how’ for the channels, but how to use and leverage what you have.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Marketing Content Goldmine?

It’s a central hub where you’ll hold, reuse and refine your marketing content; think a bank of content ideas, launch emails, evergreen emails, content creation & delegation, and review. All connected to your offers, and easy to update when you refine or create offers.

It’s a modifiable tool, to tailor to your business. Don’t do evergreen emails, or podcasts? Want to add new platforms or campaigns? No problem, it’s easy to do and I show you how.

Before you create your Goldmine, I’ll walk you through the process I use to decide what your key marketing activities will be, so you’re not filling it with activities that don’t matter.

Do I have to use Airtable, and how much is it?

Airtable is hands-down the best system to create your Marketing Content Goldmine, as it easily allows you see your information in a bunch of different ways.

(I adore Airtable; if you haven’t used it yet, you might find you fall in love with it too! 😉)

You only need the free version of Airtable for what I’m teaching you.


What *exactly* is included?

– Bite-size training videos (all with closed captions) walking you through my process to strategically simplify and leverage your marketing, then create your Marketing Content Goldmine – with the template included, you can have it set up & start using it in an afternoon.

– An Airtable template of the Marketing Content Goldmine so you set it up in no time.


Will this really take me an afternoon?

The full training is about 1hr 45mins (all bite-size videos), but the core content to set it up and start using your Goldmine is about an hour. 

So yes, you can definitely get your Marketing Content Goldmine set up in an afternoon. In fact, it may go quicker than that!

If you want to bring in a LOT of past content, that might take a bit longer, but I talk about what to prioritise, so this doesn’t become a huge project!

I have another question!

Great! Use the little chat box at the corner of the screen and I’ll reply – or come back to you by email if I’m offline. Or you can email me / my team at

Moira Fuller business coach green dress

Hi, I’m Moira 👋

I’m a business strategist & coach, and I help small business owners to align their strategy, systems and mindset, so they can transform their day-to-day grind into a business that runs around them.⁣

I’ve direct experience of managing and growing businesses, having run a venue (the corporate job, before I went my own way!), a multi-six figure subscription box and coached small business owners over the past 10 years. You can learn more here.

This training is all about simplifying your marketing – so you can still attract, connect with and support your audience, without it taking all your time or feeling like you’re making noise for no good reason! 

Having clarity about what to say, knowing you have content scheduled, and simplifying your launches with resources you already have will totally shift your relationship with marketing, so you feel really good about connecting and effectively selling.

Let’s make that happen!

Want to have a think and come back to this later? Pop your details here & I’ll share more about the course!

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