CEO Strategic Planning course shown on desktop and tablet screens

Light Touch Outsourcing Made Easy

Find the perfect light-touch support for your business and budget, and create more time, space and energy for you.

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Preparation & Mindset

Get clear on what you want to outsource, your budget, and calm any fears you have about outsourcing.


Hire the Right Support

Know where and how to hire, what your job ad should cover, and my process to choose the best-fit support for you.

Onboard & Day-to-Day

Onboard your freelancer smoothly, WITHOUT spending lots of time on it, and communication for tasks & day-to-day.

CEO Strategic Planning course shown on desktop and tablet screens

Light Touch Outsourcing Made Easy


If the thought of hiring feels gnarly, or you’ve struggled to find the right people in the past, this course will guide you to find light-touch support in a way that feels easy, safe and affordable.

Get access to

Decide what to outsource & your budget (I started with $40 a month!)

How to release any icky feelings about outsourcing: responsibility, how you need to be as a 'boss', or how to 'do it right' (your way)

Holding boundaries in a gentle way (get the work done, without 'bad boss' vibes)

Where to find support, freelancers and VAs & how to attract best-fit people for the task

The Hiring Process: 3 ways to hire & choose your freelancer, depending on the task(s)

Onboarding - what to have ready, and what they can set up for you (with swipe file checklist)

Day to day communication: tech options and choosing the right communication style for you.

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Feedback from other Courses

“I just finished this course in one sitting. It was FANTASTIC and exactly what I needed to SIMPLY strategize and plan for Q1 of 2024.

Last year, I paid for a planning mastermind and felt completely overwhelmed. I loved your mindful and realistic approach. Thanks so much!”

– Jessica


“Everything in the program is clear & concise. Totally manageable in small bite sized blocks so you keep focused, have time to learn & process / take action.

Moira’s calmness and clear explanations are so insightful. She’s been there, done it & got the t-shirt.”

– Nicky


“I absolutely LOVED the CEO Strategic Planning course! It’s so in depth, it’s incredibly personal, you also make everything relatable. 

I feel like I’ve gotten the most out of your one program than I have in anything I’ve looked at before. Thank you so much for doing this program!”

– Ann

You know you can’t keep doing everything yourself, but finding the right support just feels… too much.

✨ Too much for your budget… is it really worth investing in, and aren’t you quicker yourself..?

✨ Too much for your energy… the idea of managing someone is totally draining.

✨ Too much too soon… swapping the tasks you’d delegate for the task of overseeing someone else; you might as well stick as you are.

✨ Too much responsibility… what if it doesn’t work out and you need to fire them?

✨ Too much like history repeating itself… you’ve hired in the past and it didn’t work out


If you know you could really do with some support, but feel it’s all too much, then Light Touch Outsourcing Made Easy is for you.

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Light Touch Outsourcing Made Easy is designed to get the perfect support in place for your business and budget, and more time and capacity for you.

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You’ll learn:

My step-by-step process, of ’10 Minute Tasks’, to get your freelance support in place by the time you finish the course. This includes:

✨  To be ready to bring on your first (or next!) Virtual Assistant or Freelancer; the practical elements, and the mindset shifts, so you’re excited to have support, rather than feeling it’s a burden.

✨  That support can come in all price brackets (I started with just $40 a month of tasks!) and how to choose when to invest in a higher rate per hour.

✨  Hiring in 3 different ways, and how to attract the best-fit person for the role.

✨  Onboarding smoothly and easily.

✨ The gentle trouble-shooting process if things aren’t going well.


✨ Swipe files & resources to hire support quickly! 🚀

CEO Strategic Planning course shown on desktop and tablet screens

Ready to have the perfect light touch support for your business and you?

Join me for this course & hire your next freelancer(s) with confidence – and excitement!

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Light Touch Outsourcing Made Easy is perfect if you recognise any of these:

💡 You know you want or could do with support, but the process to get there feels painful.

💡 You have fears around hiring – being a ‘good boss’ and what to do if someone isn’t a great fit for your business.

💡 You don’t feel you have time to hire, and want a succinct and easy-to-follow process to follow.

💡 You’ve hired in the past but it didn’t work out, and you want a process that feels really good to you, addressing where challenges came up before.

On the other hand, I’d skip this if…

💡 You’re a happy bunny when it comes to working with and hiring freelancers!

💡 You’re looking to hire employees; this course focuses on freelancers, who will invoice you for the time they work or a project, not salaried staff.

💡 You’re looking for legal advice around employment law or hiring freelancers; I’m not a lawyer, and while I’ll touch on where to source freelance contracts, I don’t give legal advice.

Frequently asked questions

What stage of business is this for?

This is for you if you’ve not really hired freelance support before – OR if you have done, but found it difficult; the support didn’t work out, there were personality clashes, or you found it difficult to articulate what you needed.

Do I need a lot of time for this?

I know you’re super-busy – that’s why you’re looking at hiring support! – so this course is succinct, with bite-size ’10 Minute Tasks’ to action, so you get that support quickly.

Is this about hiring Virtual Assistants?

It could be a VA (virtual assistant), or a book keeper, video editor, social media manager, photographer; the needs of you and your business are specific to you, so there’s no cookie-cutter recipies here – and I advocate for hiring people for the right hours for the right roles.

We will talk about VAs, but more generally this is a process you can use no matter who you’re hiring.

Are you going to say I should hire someone in another country for $6 / hour??

Nope. Nor am I going to say you need to hire experts at $40/hr+ for everything.

This is about finding a great-fit person, for the right role, for the right hours. I’ll help you work out what that looks like for you and your budget.

I feel uncomfortable telling someone else what to do...

That’s totally understandable; most of us have a picture in our minds of what a ‘boss’ looks like, and/or have had experience of being badly managed by someone before. Of course you don’t want to replicate that.

This isn’t about being ‘bossy’, but about you (as the leader) supporting someone else to do their job/tasks well (in a very time efficient way).

The shift is from thinking about ‘boss / servient team member’, to you and your freelancer both being incredible humans; they help you with tasks in your business, and you steer the direction they take. There’s respect both ways. I cover this in a lot more depth in the course.

I have another question!

Great! Use the little chat box at the corner of the screen and I’ll reply – or come back to you by email if I’m offline. Or you can email me / my team at

Moira Fuller business coach green dress

Hi, I’m Moira 👋

I’m a business strategist & coach, and I help small business owners to align their strategy, systems and mindset, so they can transform their day-to-day grind into a business that runs around them.⁣

I’ve direct experience of managing and growing businesses, having run a venue (the corporate job, before I went my own way!), a multi-six figure subscription box and coached small business owners over the past 10 years. You can learn more here.

This training is all about getting the perfect fit light-touch support, so you have more time, capacity and energy for your business – and wider life!

Feeling supported and safe in your business  – and releasing those tasks that drain your energy – is a huge sigh of relief. PLUS – I’m assuming you’re pushed for time, so the course is succinct with ’10 Minute Tasks’ to get your first or next hire in place.

Let’s make that happen!

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