Castmagic: Transcription & social media repurposing for online businesses

You know I love tools that make our businesses simpler and easier to run, and this one is a cracker!

I’ve created a guided tour of Castmagic (watch the video below) – a tool for podcasters, video content creators, coaches, marketeers and more, helping you create transcriptions, show notes and repurpose content through a bit of AI magic.

If you work with audio and video files, or currently pay for any transcription / repurposing software, don’t miss this one.

In the video, I walk you through the key features of Castmagic:

  • Transcription & SRT closed caption files to make your content more accessible
  • For me, this replaces transcription, which I used to use

    Then it generates a lot of useful suggested copy and resources through AI:
  • Suggested titles & keywords to use in your copy
  • Introductions (especially for podcasts, youtube videos, and blog posts)
  • Key topics and bullet points covered in the content (with timestamps) 
  • Q&A ideas (I like these for social post ideas and promotional materials)
  • Clip finder, pulling out key quotes (again, can be used on social / in promo materials)
  • Reel script ideas
  • LinkedIn post ideas
  • Newsletter ideas
  • Tweet Thread ideas
  • The ‘magic chat’ feature, to ask any question (like ChatGPT)

I show you exactly how it worked when I uploaded my free webinar, ‘Create more Breathing Space in your Business‘, and how you might use it to inspire other content ideas, for 1:1 coaching, and to delegate to your team.

Who is Castmagic for?

If you’re creating video or audio content – whether that’s publicly available for marketing purposes, or private 1:1 coaching / ecourse content, this is for you.

For me, there’s three key parts;

  • The transcription and closed caption SRT files (making your content accessible)
  • The ‘intro’, ‘show notes’ and timestamp functionality, which will save a lot of time for those doing podcasts / youtube videos (or their team)
  • Using this to repurpose content, and as inspiration for new ideas

As you might be paying $30 / month for transcription, just for the first part, this is a no-brainer.

More ideas for Castmagic:

Since I recorded this video I have been playing with Castmagic more and have some more ideas of how you might be use it:
⭐ It uploads video not just audio
It’s being positioned as a ‘podcast’ app, but it’s so much more. If you do video content it works for you too (you can upload it straight into the app).⁣⁠
 Do you process by talking out loud?⁣⁠
I’m a bit like this, I like to talk through things to process them fully (my lucky husband! 😂) – I can see Castmagic working here too. Record your audio notes, let it do its magic, then give you a summarised version of what you’ve said.⁣⁠
⭐ One-to-one Coaching⁣⁠
You could use this two ways – to provide a transcription / closed captions for your client (personal to them only). And, use the Castmagic prompts for subject ideas to inspire new content for your wider audience.⁣⁠
⭐ Delegate!⁣⁠
Castmagic has a ‘shareable link’ function, so you don’t have to give other people access to your full account, they can just grab the relevant info from your ‘shared’ link.⁣⁠
⭐ It sees things you might not⁣⁠
A few folk have commented on this – that Castmagic highlights specific things you’ve said as being interesting, where you might not have picked it out as a key topic yet. This inspires new ideas to go into more depth on, and lets you see your content from a different perspective.⁣⁠


Castmagic is available from $23 a month (paid annually). 

So what do you think? Can you see this working for you?

I can already see how this will help me better manage my workflow for marketing – and inspire more useful content. I hope it helps you too!

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